The Symbols



When touring America we would hire a UHaul for travelling up and down the Eastern Sea Board and fly if we were travelling west. For comfort when travelling by road we would fit aircraft seats in the vehicle and on one occasion we went to the maintenance hanger section of Boston Airport to buy the aircraft seats and asked a guy that seemed to be in charge about them, his reply was “what size is your plane buddy”. We told him that they were not for a plane. He told us that seats were purchased at the airport terminal. We had to explain that we didn’t want to buy tickets to travel but wanted the actual seats for our vehicle. The guy of course thought we were a bunch of crazies and unbeknown to us had phoned the police. Within minutes the police seem to appear from nowhere and they were about to arrest us, but when we explained the situation they thought it was hilarious. The maintenance guy found some suitable seats for us and off we went driving not flying in comfort.


In the early hours of one morning, we were lost in Harlem trying to find the George Washington Bridge that links Manhattan to New Jersey. Turning a corner the road was completely blocked by the Harlem Hells Angels. It was scary but after they found out that we were an English rock band they escorted us to the bridge and bade us farewell.

On another occasion, Shaun and I decided to stay over in New York City after a gig, I think it was in Buffalo Up State New York. The next morning Shaun left the hotel on his own and I followed a little after, I found him confronted by someone holding a knife but when the mugger saw me he ran off – scary!!

We then took a flight back to Boston and had another scare, the aircraft stalled over the sea on its approach to Boston, thankfully the pilot got it under control and we landed safely.


On an internal flight, John, Mick, Shaun, myself and Mick (the Roady) were heading for a gig somewhere in Dakota, Mick found some leaflets in the seat pocket in front of him. Printed on the leaflets was “we would like to inform you that there have been more accidents on this airline than any other”. Obviously, we were not amused up in the air and when we showed the cabin crew they were horrified and said that there had been a union dispute and this was the result of it.

Another internal flight, which was a prop plane, Shaun and I were at the back of the aircraft coming into land it seemed to be all over the place, the two cabin hostesses were behind us and we heard them say “I hope Bill (the pilot) hasn’t been drinking again” – very comforting!!

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